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Product Analysis & Evaluation

  • Using advanced tools our Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) team at Cizmak Technologies gives more accurate analysis of product in minimum possible time.

  • The parts are analyzed for durability, reliability before starting a new design & analysis. This step allows us to resolve probable concerns that have been encountered at the time of the durability testing.

  • Using advanced analysis softwares like Ansys, Hypermesh, Fluent, StarCCM+ etc we are able to help our clients to get complete understanding of how the components react to external influences.

Our Services Include

  • Structural simulation (FEA)

  • Static Structural Analysis

  • Thermal and Creep Analysis

  • Mechanical Fatigue and Life Prediction Analysis

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Crash Analysis

  • CFD Analysis

  • Multi Body Dynamics

  • Durability Analysis

  • Design Optimization

  • Quality Checks

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